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Taino T-Shirts in Buffalo, NY

Beautiful Native T-Shirt Design in Buffalo, NY

Indigenous Indenti-tees offer a full range of Taino inspired apparel featuring native t-shirt design in Buffalo, NY. Our unique tees, totes, and other apparel feature a wide variety of native designs that reflect Puerto Rican and Taino native culture. All of our t-shirts and accessories are made in the United States, and all designs are true to their native origins.

We take great pride in our Puerto Rican heritage and apply the pictographs used by the early Taino people as the inspiration for these designs. Our goal is to raise awareness of the native people of the island and to share their art. If you're looking to reconnect with your culture, wear our indigenous t-shirts proudly. Contact us today to learn more.

Preserving Taino Culture

With our Taino t-shirts, we aim to preserve our ancestral culture by using authentic designs and artwork from our Taino ancestors. The Taino people once inhabited much of the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico, with a cultural identity that was unique to them.

Now we want to bring that cultural identity into the modern era with our incredible apparel and accessories. By offering our t-shirts, totes, and sandals, we want as many people to experience our great culture and artwork as possible.

Traditional Pictographs and Artwork

If you are looking for native art t-shirts, then Indigenous Identi-tees has you covered. All of our apparel feature samples of pictographs and artwork that was left behind by the Taino people. These images invoke the traditions of the Taino culture, including traditional images of their goddesses and birds. 

By sharing these traditional images, we want to share a sense of pride for the Taino people, while keeping their memory strong in the modern era. While much of our ancestral traditions have been lost to time, these t-shirts let us preserve a portion of our artwork going into the future. So when you are looking for Taino inspired accessories or t-shirts, reach out to our office.

Contact us to learn more about the Taino inspired t-shirts we have to offer. We proudly serve Buffalo, NY, and the surrounding areas.

Share your Taino pride with Indi-tees and our native-inspired art and designs.

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