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Taino T-Shirts in Buffalo, NY

Taino T-Shirts in Buffalo, NY

Indi-tees offer a full range of Taino t-shirts in Buffalo, NY. Our unique tees, totes, and other apparel feature a wide variety of native designs that reflect Puerto Rican and Taino native culture. All of our t-shirts and accessories are made in the United States and all designs are true to their native origins.

Since 2009, we've focused on creating quality merchandise and doing business with honesty and pride. Owner and founder Margie Soto takes great pride in her own Puerto Rican heritage and uses the pictograms used by the early Taino people as the inspiration for these designs. Her goal was to raise awareness of the native people of the island and to share their art to help our history as a people continue to live on. If you're looking to reconnect with your culture, Indi-tees are a great way of doing so. Contact us today to learn more about any of our native designed t-shirts.

Share your Taino pride with Indi-tees and our native-inspired art and designs.

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