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Native-Designed T-Shirts in Buffalo, NY, Proclaim Taino Pride

You can say that Margie Soto is the art and soul of Indigenous Identi-tees. She’s the woman behind the native-designed t-shirts in Buffalo, NY. Whether goddesses, birds, or words of cultural pride, her artwork is featured front and center on every t-shirt, tote bag, and pair of flip-flops the company sells on its website. 

Margie is a Puerto Rican who takes great pride in promoting her culture. The Taino Indians are native people of the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico, and South America. By the time the Spaniards landed on the islands, the Taino had an organized theocratic government, universal language, and long history of oral tradition. One of the distinctive aspects of the culture was a ball game between teams where the winning team was blessed with healthy children and an abundant harvest.

Pictograms Made Popular on Shirts & Totes

Using Taino apparel, Margie raises awareness for her culture and people that works two ways. First of all, other people become familiar with the Taino when they see the pictures and words on promotional products. Second, the native people themselves can wear Taino t-shirts and carry the totes to proclaim their history as they go about their day.